pina (square)
plasterboard ceiling recessed - direct light
pina (square)
Square LED downlight (slightly adjustable) for false-ceiling recessed installation, complete with steel mounting clips and mechanical junctions for continuous line installation.

Frame and dissipater made of die-lasting aluminium alloy, white painted. Protection box for internal components made of white ABS.
Lens made of optical PMMA. Clips for fixing to the false-ceiling (thickness up to 15mm) made of harmonic steel.

Integrated electronic 220-240 V 50/60Hz driver, to be connected to the fixture via quick connector. Driver to be installed on to plasterboard next to the product. Available emergency kit for 1 hour or 3 hours continued service for versions 7W and 12W, to be ordered separately.
There are currently no photometrics for this product
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