WE ARE ENABLED - License Philips

Novalux and Philips sign a global cross-licensing agreement on present and future patent rights in the field of solid state lighting and lighting electronics.

The agreement covers patents for the Philips LED basd lighting fixture license.
It mainly covers driver technologies and control systems that allow to vary the intensity and color of solid state and conventional lighting systems.

As a result, Novalux becomes a qualified supplier based on the license program of Philips LED based lighting fixtures.
It therefore provides customers with the benefit of the exemption of royalties paid to Philips in accordance with LED based License programme ((www.ip.philips.com/licensing/ssl).

Another important advantage will be related to new technologies currently in design phase and not yet applied to lighting, since the agreement includes both current and future patents, always inherent to Led technology. Novalux.licensing.lighting.philips
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