track - direct light

7-pole, electrified three-phase track, with two additional conductors intended to manage a general data signal (DALI/0-10V/1-10V), for ceiling surface or suspended installation with appropriate accessories. Designed to accommodate adjustable LED spotlights (Gala, Dalì) and Lucky EVO system).
The system is EN 60570 certified and the tracks are Eurostandard compatible.

Track bars made of painted aluminium alloy, that include the copper conductors.

L1/L2/L3/N/PE 16A 230 440V D+D- 2x1A /50V FELV AC (DALI) The track bars are provided with the copper conductors already recessed, in compliance with the relevant safety standard. If it is necessary to shorten the track during installation, after the cut it is necessary to use the special cutting to recess the 4 conductors (L1/L2/L3/N) at least of 5mm so that the correct air, surface and electrical distances are respected.
Do not exceed listed loading indicated in the relevant section and respect fixing distances during the track mounting.
There are currently no photometrics for this product
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