plasterboard wall recessed - direct light
Cartoon Light - Patent pending
Using the simplicity of a 100% natural material such as plasterboard sheet , Novalux introduces a range of lighting products that is completely integrated in the architecture, and allows flexible and dynamic installations. The light merges into the structure of plasterboard material, which itself becomes lighting fixture, creating as the case, continuous bright lines, niches and everything is imaginable and creative. Cartoon Light is a family of products for general or directional lighting, easy to install just like a simple plasterboard with no more shrinkage cracks and possibility to fix on site the eventual damages. The characteristics of the material allow the most versatile customization and adaptability, compatible with any type of paint or able to integrate wallpapers. It is a product that combines the semplicity of plasterboard, with the technique of the energy saving conventional sources or high efficency LED light sources. A mix of research, sustainability and performance to create new emotions of light.
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